Tracking $400 / day

Mixing $300 / day


Project rates available for sessions starting at 7 days.


A "day" usually begins at 1 pm and ends in the hours sometime after midnight, either when we've reached the end of our rope or our ears stop talking to us coherently. We can, of course, begin and end earlier, but musicians tend to be night owls, so... There is a time during this block when we take a food break... usually an hour or two, or more if needed. Sometimes inspiration strikes at the 11th hour (or later!) so there is no set end time.
Mixing is an intensive experience. For most projects you can factor on one mix taking between 2 and 4 hours, at minimum. Ideally I prefer to spend the good part of one day on one mix, but that is not always feasible due to budget. Non-attended mixing sessions are great for small budgets without a time constraint.


That said, sometimes there is not a need for a full day, so...



Tracking $50 / hour up to a full day's rate

Mixing $40 / hour up to a full day's rate